GameTime lets you use the full capabilities of the iPad to surpass traditional learning methods. With GameTime, you and your players build, share, discuss and study plays even when you're not together. So your face-to-face time with players will be even more effective.

  • Teach interactively, iPad-to-iPad
    • Flexibility to create, share and learn plays anywhere
  • Teach player, unit or recruit
    • Build team chemistry through unit interaction
    • Connect with and understand recruits' knowledge of your system
  • Allow players more mental reps
    • Make sure each player understands their assignments by pairing mental reps with physical reps
  • Create new plays in-session or through play sharing
    • Identify new play opportunities through coach-to-coach sync training
    • Increase coach-to-player interaction
    • Coaches create and share plays with each other and with players

No other coaching system combines so many capabilities to teach and learn like GameTime.
  • Connect everything
    • Connect your playbook, film, and the puck system all-in-one to
      teach your players a concept
  • Extend your facility
    • Teach your players just like you would in the training facility with the
      whiteboard and film options
  • Coach on the go
    • Record comments and instructions for your players to review on their schedules
  • And more
  • Manage program easily
    • Budgets are tight and everyone on your staff already has plenty of work to do. GameTime needs only one administrator to manage the system on a weekly basis
  • Connectivity to other tools
    • Convert your paper playbook to digital
    • Connect your playbook to film from whatever provider you use
  • Software-as-a-Service option
    • If you don't want to host the GameTime solution, GameTime can host it for you and
      manage the updates and back-end securely
    • Flexible pricing allows GameTime to adapt as your needs change. Of course, if you
      prefer to pay an annual fee for unlimited use, GameTime works with you